2 Men Came Onstage To Play “Unchained Melody”. But Their Rendition Brought Chills Down My Spine!

Incan people are one of the important parts of human civilization. They are known for establishing the most influential and strong empire hundreds of years ago. They had really rich musical traditions as well. This video below features a band named Inka Gold who is determined to preserve and popularize the traditional music created by ancient Incan people.

This following video features a live performance by Inka Gold. In this show, they are covering the 1965 hit song ‘Unchained Melody’. This song was originally sung by Todd Duncan in 1955, but this song gained a lot of popularity when it was covered by Righteous Brothers. In this rendition, Inka Gold is using tradition flute and a modern guitar for the performance.

This fusion version of this song from the prison movie ‘Unchained’ is even more enchanting don’t you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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