They Brought A Rescued Koala Home… But They Didn’t Know She Would Do This In The Sofa!

This video below features an adorable little Koala named Imogen who was brought home by the workers at Symbio Wildlife Park for the hand rearing. The decision for separating Imogen with his mom was definitely a very difficult one. However, the reason behind it is heartwarming!

A baby Koala named Harry, who was younger than Imogen lost her mother. His condition was very venerable and needed a mother to take care of him. Because of this condition, the workers from the park decided to let Imogen’s mother foster Harry and take care of him. According to the video description, this idea surely worked. Now both of the Koala babies are healthy and leaving a normal Koala life in the park.

Watch this adorable video below. Did this make you smile? Let us know through your comments!

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