She Picks Up Her Tiny Pup. But When He Opens His Mouth To Say THIS? I Didn’t See That Coming!

Dogs are one of the most entertaining species on earth. They end up amusing you even when they don’t mean to. Over the years, we have seen a varied number of fun animal videos. Cats, dogs, raccoons, birds – everything you want, a click away. The video below features a dog, the likes of which you have rarely seen! Why? Because he talks!

Huskies are a talkative breed. The following video shows us a clip of a very cute husky puppy named Ramsay. This little guy has a lot to say and he doesn’t mind blurting them out with out a care in the world! His owner is carrying him and by the looks of it, Ramsay wants to get down. What he does next has his owner cracking up! This is your daily does of cuteness!

Watch Ramsey in the video below! Have you seen a talking dog before? Let us know what you thought about this via your comments!

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