Cute Husky Tried Howling For The 1st Time. When You See HOW He Does It? Hilarious!

Siblings can be really fun to have around, but can be quite annoying to deal with as well. For instance, they might be really close to you but they can still annoy you by using your things or eating up food you had planned to eat alone. They can also come up with the funniest ways to annoy you. For instance, look at the puppy in the following video—people with siblings can definitely relate to him!

The husky puppy was surrounded by his sleeping siblings. It didn’t seem to have crossed his mind that they shouldn’t be disturbed. So instead of keeping quiet, the little guy begins howling! He must have been practicing, as it wasn’t too loud. His plan to annoy his siblings backfired, as his howls seemed to soothe them rather than wake them up!

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