He Starts Running Away From His Horses. But I Never Expected The Horses To Do This Next!

Much like dogs, horses can do almost anything if they are trained properly. Horses are majestic creatures who we have had a long history with. From as early as 3500 B.C.E, humans have been domesticating and training horses for variety of reasons and it is still prevailed in modern society. The difference is that, now we don’t use horses for transportation but they are more like or companions.

In this following video, we see this amazing friendship between a horse trainer David Lichmann and his horses. Lichmann is a master horse whisperer. He is one of the top students of the legendary trainer Pat Parelli. In this video, we see Lichmann training his horses in the beach and it is just mesmerizing to watch.

Watch this video below. What do you think about Lichmann and his horses? Let us know via comments!

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