This Pup Invited His Girlfriend To Move In With Him. But Then? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Of course, if you have seen Thinkbox advertisements, you would probably know Harvey, the dog who knows the power of commercials and use it for his own benefits. In these commercials, Harvey is put through different situations where he manages to make his audiences laugh through his adorable ads. Like this one in the video below!

Harvey fell in love with a beautiful coiffured poodle named Harmony and has invited her to move in with him. But the real problem is to convince dad. He doesn’t say anything about the move, until Harmony knocks at the door early in the morning herself. Then, Harvey convinces dad with his most hilarious advertisement ever. Wait till you see what happens next!

You won’t get enough of this video. Drop your thoughts about this video in the comments section below!

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