This Dog Was Chained To A Slab All His Life. Now Wait Till You See What THIS Man Does!

Thayne Hamilton, owner of Grey Muzzle Rescue along with his wife Chris Hamilton devoted their life in the rescue of poor homeless dogs. They rescued and adopted the dogs who were the worst of all and who no one liked to adopt. However, they never expected their kind deeds would be rewarded like this!

This video below features Talk It Up reporter taking the interview of Thayne Hamilton and also surprising him with some amazing gifts. According to Thayne, his late wife Chris always cared about their rescued and adopted dogs, and always urged Thayne to work on their life’s mission. Even at her death bed, she wished Thayne to continue on the rescues and take care of their dogs, and Thayne kept his promise to his wife.

Watch what Talk It Up surprises Thayne with. You will barely be able to hold your tears! What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comments below!

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