Dad Confronted His Dogs About The Mess. Now Watch How The Guilty Dog Reacts!

Recently guilty dogs are the internet’s most favorites. This video below which features a Labrador named Denver is also one of the viral hits. He is guilty of stealing kitty cat treat from the kitchen. But when dad confronts him, he has the hilarious reaction ever.

Some time ago, Denver made headlines with his adorable guilty dog expression. Dad had two dogs and when he found a torn and empty kitty cat treat, he knew that one of them was guilty. But when he went to confront both of his dogs, Denver’s guiltiest reaction made it all clear for dad. Even when he was asked more than once, Denver didn’t accept his mistake but made the funniest face that left me in on the floor.

Watch this guilty dog reaction in the video below. What do you think about Denver and his hilarious antics? Let us know in the comments!

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