They Thought They Were Helping Granny Take Her Trash To The Curb. But THIS Truth CRACKED Me Up!

I have always loved Just for Laugh: Gags. It is a Canadian comedy/hidden camera TV show which has been leaving its audiences in hysterics since 2000. The pranks featured in this TV show are probably one of the most creative and fun pranks ever. This video below is one of them and I am sure you are going to be floored to see this!

In this prank, folks at Just for Laugh invited an old lady to pull pranks on random strangers. She asks some of the unsuspecting pedestrians to help her roll her garbage can to a truck. These innocent people help her, but they are not prepared for the big surprise they are going to face in an instance. When these people are distracted by another of the actor for a minute, granny swaps her place with another lady. And what follows next is just unbelievable!

Wait till you see what happens next! Did this make you laugh? Let us know in the comments below!

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