Grandma With Alzheimer Relearns THIS Truth Every Day. When You Know What, You’ll Be Soaked In Tears!

Every time I hear the story of the patients with Alzheimer’s disease, I can never hold myself together. You have probably heard about this disease and its deadly consequences, and also know how hard it is to live with it or take care of a person with this disease. This video also features a grandma who has this disease and who learns a same heartrending truth every single day.

If you can ever choose to relive a memory everyday then you would probably choose a good memory. But for this grandma, it is very unfortunate that the memory she has to learn everyday is a dreadful one. She lost her loving husband 6 years ago and ever since her Alzheimer’s disease got worst, she has to discover this truth every day!

I completely broke down when she said “I thought he was somewhere around”. Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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