Mom Was Filming Her Cockatoo Talking To Himself. When You Hear It? OMG I Can’t Stop My LAUGHTER!

Having a pet in the house is really rewarding. They might do the smallest thing, yet it can turn your bad day into a good one. Just having them by your side is enough to make you happy. I bet everyone loves it when their pet welcomes them home after a long day. Cockatoos and parrots also make great companions. The one in the following video is quite chatty too!

Gotcha the cockatoo is really popular on YouTube. This little bird has over 80 thousand subscribers online, and the numbers speak for themselves! Gotcha is a really beautiful critter, and is really talkative as well! In this video, he keeps mumbling on about random things. One moment, he says he wants his dad, and the next moment, he says he wants to go outside! It might sound like funny, but you have to admit it is cute!

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