Mom Asks Him To Go To Bed. But How This Dog Reacts Will Leave You In Stitches!

Dogs are mostly known for their faithful and friendly characteristics. However, sometimes, especially when they are in their puppyhood, they get stubborn and do not follow what their owners say. Take this little pup in the video below for example! What he does when mom tells him to go to bed will leave you laughing out loud.

This French bulldog named Frenchie is just adorable. He doesn’t want to go to sleep yet, so when mom tells him to go to sleep he can’t help but fight back. He makes bark-ish sounds to let mom know that he isn’t yet ready to sleep. But mom doesn’t hear the end of it and Frenchie has to finally listen to mom. Watch how adorably he gets on his bed and pretends to sleep.

This dog’s response left me in hysterics. What about you? Drop your comments in the COMMENTS section below!

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