Baby Horse Kept On Chasing This Man. You’ll Be In Stitches When You’ll Know Why!

We all know how terrible it can get when we get an itch. And well nothing can be worse than the itch that we become unable to calm that’s happening in a place that can’t be scratched on our own. Well this baby horse certainly knows what I mean.

This video features a little horse who runs to her owner asking for some scratch on her butt. The owner looks hesitant at first but once he starts doing, the relaxation and enjoyment in the filly’s face is divine. It seems the filly actually loves when someone scratches her back. And she also has her favorite uncle to do that, how amazing is that!

I absolutely enjoyed the way filly chased her uncle until he started scratching her butt. Watch this video and tell us if you found it cute. We would love to hear from you!

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