She Starts Skating On This Frozen Lake. But When Camera Zoomed Out? I CANNOT Breathe!

Katrina Lazzarotto was in for a great surprise when one day her friend asked if she would like to go and figure skate around the magnificent mountains of British Columbia. She was really not a figure skater and it had been four years since she last skated. But of course who could ever reject such a dazzling proposal right? However, when she reached at the top of the mountain and started skating, she experienced something much more than she previously expected!

Bradley Friesen, Katrina’s friend was the one who flew the helicopter 5,000 feet to the Canadian Rockies until they spotted a perfect frozen lake. Katrina stayed on the ground while Bradley started recording the surroundings and Katrina. It looked as if she was skating in the heaven.

Watch this spectacular video below. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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