She Bottle-Feeds This Kitten. But Wait Till You See What This Kitten Does With Her Ears. Too Cute!

Polly is an orphaned kitten who is just two weeks old. She was rescued by the volunteers of Feline Network of the Central Coast. Since her rescue, they have been constantly supporting and taking extensive care of this little kitten. This non-profit organization which is based in San Luis Obispo, California decided to take all the medical and adoption responsibilities of Polly.

The following video features an adorable moment of Polly while she is being bottle-fed by one of the volunteers. Polly is so adorable and tiny. She fits right in the palm of this volunteer. Polly, even though she is as tiny as a mouse, has appetite as enormous as that of a pig. She ‘meows’ at the volunteers every time she is hungry, and every time she is fed she wiggles her ears.

Watch this adorable video below. Did this make you smile? Let us know through the comments!

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