He Impersonates Elvis Presley. But Watch Closely What He Does Onstage! IMPOSSIBLE!

Elvis Presley is the King of Rock and Roll. He is a legend and loved by all. However, when it comes to impersonation, only a few people are able to impersonate Elvis perfectly. As he is a true American icon, everyone have to put a lot of effort to nail it. However, during the third season of America’s Got Talent, something unbelievable happened! 23 year old Joseph Hall walked onstage and left everyone astonished.

At first when Joseph walked onstage, everyone thought it would be just another ‘normal’ impersonation of the King. But when he opened his mouth, everyone was enthralled. Joseph didn’t just have the perfect face which resembled Elvis, but also had a great voice. Not just the audiences but even the judges couldn’t help but scream to see his performance.

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