Ellen Asked This 60 Yr Old To Dance. But My JAW DROPPED When She Did THIS! Omg!

When 60 yr old teacher named Shirley Clements nailed the hip hop dance routine with her students and uploaded the video on the internet, she went viral. She broke the internet with her awesome energy and everyone talked about her. She was about to get retired so decided to celebrate her 25 years of work by doing a routine on “Uptown Funk” which took the internet by storm.

You have probably seen her video! Now she is back again with her energy and this time she is on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen was so enchanted by Shirley’s energy and awesomeness that she invited her on the show. Shirley had a really charming personality and she even danced for Ellen.

Watch this amazing video below. What do you think about Shirley and her performance? Drop your thoughts via comments!

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