He Has Looked After That Elephant For 22 Yrs. But When They Say Goodbye? I’m Drying My Tears

More than 300 Asian elephants live in North America, and among them is a 52-year-old elephant called Shirley. Solomon James, her keeper, tries everything he can to comfort Shirley at the Louisiana Purchase Zoo. For 22 years, Shirley has been restricted to the same plot of grass and concrete stall. She hasn’t seen another elephant in the past two decades. Solomon stays with Shirley all the time to give her company.

In time, the zoo realized that they couldn’t give Shirley the life that she needed and deserved. So they decided to transfer her to the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary. Solomon is happy to know that she will love her new home but is also sad at the same time to say goodbye. You won’t be able to hold back your tears after watching this moving clip.

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