Elephant Lost Her Leg When She Was Just 2 Yrs Old. What THIS Doctor Did For Her? OMG!

Have you ever seen an elephant with prosthetic? If not, you have to see this video below! Not even the experts may have seen an elephant with prosthetics. This video below features one of the first elephants ever to wear a prosthetics leg and her story is going to break your heart.

When Mosha this elephant was just 2 years old, she lost her leg to a land mine. She has been struggling to walk since. But then, this beautiful elephant got the second chance in life when Dr. Therdchair Jivacate, an orthopedic surgeon walked in with a new idea. He engineered a prosthetic legs for Mosha and trained her to walk on it. According to Dr. Jivacate, he has to make a new prosthetic leg for Mosha every year as it breaks time and again because of Mosha’s rapid growth. But he has been able to make it stronger and modify it every time.

Watch this amazing story below and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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