Baby Elephant Wants To Cuddle In With Her. But It Was His Next Move That Cracked Me Up!

Everybody loves cuddling in with their loved ones. Especially kids like to cuddle in and get petted by their parents or elders. We all know that cats and dogs are the same, and sometimes they find their way to your lap without anyone noticing. But have you ever seen an elephant baby being needy? If not, then this video below is the one for you. You are going to melt to see this!

This video was posted on YouTube by Thailand’s elephant camp Chai Lai Orchid. A volunteer named Allie was sitting on the ground when suddenly she is approached by a baby elephant. Apparently, this baby elephant is a big fan of Allie and wants to cuddle in with her. So what this baby elephant does next? Wait till you see his adorability!

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