His Family Didn’t Come Home For Christmas. But I Never Thought He Would Do This Next!

Holiday season brings a lot of great advertisements on the television. One of my best commercial this year is John Lewis’ “Man On The Moon”. It was both tear jerking and heart melting ad. However, when I stumbled upon this commercial from a German supermarket corporation “Edeka”, I just couldn’t stop my tears. This video is going viral and you will know why once you see it yourself!

This short commercial focuses on the normal reality of a family. There are many people in the world who do not get chance to meet their family even at the time of Christmas. Because of the capitalization and individualization, all people think about is their own life and only rarely think about their parents. This old man too was abandoned by his children year after year. He spent a lot of Christmas nights alone. However, one Christmas he did something unbelievable.

Watch this touching advertisement. What are your thoughts about it? Let us know through your comments in the section below!

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