Dog Is ANGRY At Dad For Eating His ENTIRE Food. But HOW He Reacts Next FLOORED Me!

Dogs are our best friends. Wouldn’t it be great if they could talk as well? Well… many of us dog lovers have actually fantasized it, however, we all know that it is just not possible. But it doesn’t hurt to wish, right?

This video below features a really adorable talking dog who is quite upset at his dad for gobbling up the entire food on the fridge. This dog really loves food, but when dad says that he was hungry and ate all the stuff, this dog can’t help but give the funny expression to his owner. This dog was hoping that his owner was lying, but he loses it when dad mentions about the cat.

Of course, voice of the dog is the work of the owner himself, but it is hilarious and adorable nonetheless. What do YOU think about this video? Let us know via comments!

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