Poor Dog Was Barely Recognizable Due To Mange. But 6 Weeks Later? Watch What Happens!

There are a lot of dogs in streets who are in dire need of help. Everyday these stray animals have to struggle for their life. Not just that, but when they catch disease, there is no one who can take care of them. This dog in the video below was the same. She was suffering from the worst case of mange. Her movements were restricted because her skin had turned hard like a stone. But what happened next is going to leave you in tears.

Animal Aid facility spotted this poor dog and instantly got ready to rescue her. At first they approached the dog and covered her with a warm blanket. This dog knew that these volunteers were there to help her so she stood still. Then a volunteer gently carried her to the van and took her to the facility. Soon enough they applied the medical lotion and gave her a bath. Now fast forward to 6 weeks later! This dog is healthy and her fur has grown out.

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