When He Was Teaching His Dogs A New Trick, I Wasn’t Expecting His Cat To React Like This…

Cats are one of the most independent feline creatures in the world. They come and go as they wish and even love their owners as per their wish. Unlike dogs, they aren’t quite interested in fetching things or shaking their paws. Most of the cat owners do not even bother training cats to do various tricks. But this cat in the video below is different from any other cat in the whole wide world. He thinks that he is a dog and does things that you would have to watch twice to believe.

Tricks like “rolling over” is a very simple trick which every dog can be taught to do easily. But for a cat, it is not a simple matter. However, this owner has taught his cat Didga various kinds of tricks from the basics. This following video is a very short clip where we see Didga perfectly doing a “rolling over” trick along with his puppy best friends.

Watch this incredible video below. Did this astonish you? Let us know via comments!

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