He Spotted A Deer With Newborn Fawn On The Roadside. Now Keep An Eye On Her Legs—WHOA!

The addition of a new member in the family is a time of joy and happiness to everyone. But the mother of the child is probably the happiest person as she finally gets to see her baby outside her womb. Like us humans, animals too feel the sense of motherhood after giving birth. The video below which shows a heartwarming moment was captured by some people passing by in their car.

A doe had just given birth to a baby fawn. She was alongside her newborn, when the camera revealed a second baby coming out of her; she was about to give birth to another fawn! This baby was born after just some moments of the first birth. The mother then starts licking and caring for her newborn.

Watch this video below! Were you surprised as well? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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