Trucker Is Driving While On The Phone. What Happens When A Car Tries To Merge Lanes? TERRIFYING.

The footage captured by the dash cam on the video featured shows a breath taking moment when an attempt of merging lanes goes horrifically wrong. This video should serve as a reminder to everyone to be completely aware and cautious of yourself and your surroundings while driving.

The video starts off with the driver of the truck talking, on what seems like, his phone. A 16 wheeler on the right lane is going slow. In order to avoid being stuck behind the 16 wheeler a car merges to the left lane in front of the trucker with ease. Following the previous cars initiative another black sedan tries to merge into the left lane as well. The trucker holds his lane which results in the black car being crushed between the truck and the 16 wheeler. The person in the car is very lucky indeed to walk out of this scenario unscathed.

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