Abused Pitbulls Just Can’t Stop Dancing After Being Rescued.

It is always nice to hear stories of animals being rescued. You know, after being angry that they were abused and abandoned in the first place. Well rescued animals are very precious (I know, animals in general are precious but there’s just something about abused animals that draws to our empathetic emotions). Just looking at them makes you wonder what kind of monster had the heart to abandon them. While it makes your blood boil just seeing the signs of abuse on the animals. What can we say, some people just have no empathy, no love and no heart. Why they exist remains something shrouded in a mystery.

Today we are ecstatic to present this video of two adorable Pitbulls who were rescued by Hope For Paws. They suffered from years of neglect and abuse. When finally rescued and shown some warmth and attention these two Pitbulls just can’t stop playing and dancing around. It is just a marvelous sight to watch and is sure to warm up your heart. So enjoy.

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