Poor Pup Couldn’t Drink Milk Because Of His Siblings. What He Did Next? AWW!

This amazing video below shows a Dalmatian mom feeding her 12 adorable puppies. Just two and a half weeks ago, this mom gave birth to her 12 pups. And now, they are constantly approaching their mom for food as their appetite is growing along with their body.

As the numbers of the pups are large, even for a dog, it is getting hard for mom to feed all of her pups. Of course, there are a lot of pushing and shoving as these pups try to get to the main source of food. The lack of space is quite visible in the video. At a point, a tiny pup with purple collar also gets kicked out of the place because of her siblings. But fortunately, his human comes for his rescue.

Wasn’t that adorable? Watch this video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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