Mama Horse Went To Labor Again As Soon As She Gave Birth To A Foal. What Happened Then? OMG!

It was a night of November 2014, when Daisy, one of the favorite horses of the Saratoga Stud in South Africa went to labor. Jenni, the founder of the organization and her co-worker Guy were called up to the stable to stay the night and watch over pregnant mama horse. Daisy was already a week late for her labor and it worried Jenni. However, Daisy easily gave birth to a healthy foal Don Quixote. But Jenni and Guy didn’t know that a surprise was yet to come!

Daisy wasn’t finished yet. Minutes later the birth of Don, she gave birth to another healthy daughter, Duet. This surprised and delighted Jenni. Guy and Jenni both took care of two newborn foals along with their proud mother. According to the video, it is very rare for twin foals to be born healthy but it was fortunate for Daisy that she was able to keep both of her foals alive.

Watch this incredible story in the video below. Did this touch you heart? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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