Bear Cub Wanted To Be Friends With THIS Fawn. But It’s What He Did Next That Left Me SMILING!

Bears are one of the fiercest predators in the wild. They may look cute, but they can easily outrun us. A single slash of their paw is enough to fatally injure a person. They are dangerous adults, but baby bears are the cutest. The following video shows a curious bear cub trying to make new friends. Get ready to melt to the ground!

The tiny bear cub was really curious about the deer fawn. Both the baby animals seem really amazed by each other. He slowly stands up and kisses the fawn gingerly on the nose. If one kiss wasn’t enough to melt you, his second kiss might do the trick. In the wild, these two critters might be predator and prey, but in captivity, they look like they’re starting a beautiful friendship!

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