This Poor Kitten Was Abandoned By His Mom. Wait Till You See What That Crow Does Next! Unbelievable!

Some animals are naturally stereotyped as being mortal enemies; example, a bird and a cat. We can rarely see them sharing an agreeable bond. It would be an odd pair for sure right? If a feline and his avian friend were brought up in the same household, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them get along. But the animals featured in the video below are not domesticated, thus this story is quite extraordinary.

An elderly couple always saw a stray kitten wandering around their neighborhood. They would see him along their streets several times and they also tried to feed him and help him out a little. But as it turns out, they didn’t have to worry about a thing! The tiny feline already had a guardian taking care of him. His best friend, a crow, watched over him just like a mother would.

Watch their friendship in the video below! What an exceptional bond right? Let us know what you thought about this in the comments section!

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