She Was Expecting To See Normal Sonogram Of Her Grandson. But What She Sees Instead? OMG!

When Jimmy Kimmel’s cousin Micki got pregnant and her mother wanted to go check out the sonogram of her grandson, Jimmy and Micki got together to play prank on her. Aunt Chippy had never seen a sonogram before so it was a perfect time to give her the experience of the life time and a memorable video for the audiences. They set up this fake sonogram to show Aunt Chippy. However, neither Jimmy nor Micki expected this hilarious reaction from Aunt Chippy.

Jimmy set up a fake doctor, in a real hospital with fake sonogram images that he asked his graphics department to make. They put some of the most bizarre pictures on this sonogram but unbelievably Aunty Chippy bought it. At first she was excited to see this amazing sonogram but later she was more than shocked to see these bizarre images.

This prank is the most hilarious one I’ve ever seen. Wait till you see it yourself. Don’t forget to drop your comments in the section below!

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