Army officer finally reunited with military dog, then they have a special moment together

Military is strict on its disciplines and rules. The soldiers who are in the mission in the vulnerable areas are also suggested not to get emotionally involved with their K9 partners. However, this viral video which has been taking the internet by storm suggests that it is not entirely the case for everyone. You’ll melt to see this video below!

Cici, the former K9 partner of Sgt. Jason Bos couldn’t get to meet her best friend for an entire year. Sgt. Jason and Cici had developed a close bond when they both served in American military. However, Sgt. Jason retired and he had to leave Cici. But after a year of separation, military for some reason decided to retire Cici as well. And it became so easy for Sgt. Jason to adopt Cici and get her back to his life.

Now watch their precious reaction when they reunite with each other. Did this melt you down? Let us know in the comments section below!

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