This Seems Like A Normal Christmas Light. But Keep Your Eyes On THAT Star At The Top! Amazing!

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m pretty sure all of you are busy preparing for it. Most of you have probably brought your Christmas decorations and even put the lights around your house. Of course Christmas is a beautiful festival and we should all do what we can to have fun. But before decorating your house, won’t it be wonderful if we look at some of the masterpieces of Christmas decorations?

This video below features a stunning Christmas lights decoration which was put by a group called Lights For Riley in 2010. The organization was established the same year by Nicholas Watkins & the Watkins family and friends in Wabash, IN. This group set the lights decorations to Richard Holdman’s Amazing Grace sequence and it is absolutely stunning.

This display was dedicated for the children of Riley Hospital. Isn’t that enchanting? Let us know via comments!

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