Her Husband Runs Away At The Zoo, Then He’s Caught Doing THIS In The Ape Exhibit. Speechless.

A 135-pound chimpanzee named Jo-Jo slipped into water at the Detroit Zoo after being chased by another chimp, back in 1990. The poor chimp thrashed around helplessly and all the visitors and zoo workers watched him being clueless what to do next. Though there was a cable in the enclosure designed to keep the chimps from falling into the water, it didn’t work that day.

Rick Swoope, a truck driver, husband and father of three children too was looking everything that was going on but when he saw the face of 18 year old chimp he just knew he couldn’t stay like that doing nothing. Swope without thinking of the fatal consequences that could appear and even take his life, jumped into the water to save Jo-Jo.

I was so thrilled by this man’s dedication. Such a precious soul! Watch this video and tell us how you felt watching it. We would love to know your thoughts!

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