Polite Dog Sits Down On The Chair. But Then? Wait Till You See What He Does Next!

If you have never seen a dog having good table manners, then you have to check out this video below. No, I am not kidding! This Shiba Inu named Chiko in the video below is a perfect gentleman and he has a great table manner which most of the people might not even have. Wait till you see what Chiko does in the following video!

Chiko was hungry. But when he went to the kitchen he saw watermelons on the table. Instantly, he hoped onto the chair, sat like a human and started to eat from the plate. He didn’t mess up the watermelon and ate it like a perfect gentleman. This video is probably posed, but it is hilarious nonetheless.

Did this make you smile? Watch this video below and drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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