Mom knew he had stolen some treats, then finds out where he has hidden them

You have probably seen many guilty dog videos in the internet. They seem to be very popular now-a-days. However, you may have never seen a guilty dog who is as crazy and adorable as this dog in the video below. You’ll absolutely melt to see those big puppy eyes of this dog and what he does at the end is just EPIC!

Chase, this dog featured in the following clip steals mom’s tater tots. But when mom confronts him about it, he has the most hilarious reaction ever. As soon as mom says “what are you hiding in your mouth?” he instantly spits out NINE tater tots. I can’t even imagine how he was able to hide all those tater tots in his mouth for so long. If it was me I would have swallowed it long ago!

Does your dog does this too? Share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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