5 Year Old Sings ‘You Raise Me Up’ And Leaves Everyone Breathless

Talent is not limited to any age or race. World is filled with talented young children and you just have to open your eyes to witness their unbelievable skills. The platforms like The Voice Kids and Got Talent bring forth these special talents and give the children the exposer they deserve. This video below is one of such hidden talent which was brought to the world with the help of such singing competition and the internet.

This clip features a little girl from China who is just five years old. Her name is Celine Tam and she is the most adorable little girl I’ve ever seen. It is not just her face that is charming, but her voice is equally angelic and mesmerizing. She sings “You Raise Me Up” for one of the episode of this talent competition and enthralls even her mentor.

You’ll surely fall in love with this little girl’s voice. Watch this video below and drop your opinions through your comments in the section below!

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