Furious Cat ALWAYS Does THIS Whenever Mailman Comes To Deliver The Mails. LOL!

Cats are known to be naughty, playful, mischievous and sometimes even evil. While these traits may be true for most of the cats out there, there are some exceptions as well. There are also sweetest cats in the world who act just like dogs. However, this video below features one of the most mischievous cats out there and he is going to leave you in hysterics!

You know how sometimes we get fed up with cats’ game of hide and seek, and their irregular and unexpected attacks? Well, mailmen get it worst! Mailmen need to cover up a whole area within hours, but because of the naughty cats they are unable to do so. Take this mailman in the video below for example! Every time he goes to this house, he has to spend a lot of time just to find out a way to drop the mails inside the house.

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