Her Baby Just Won’t Stop Crying. But When Her Cat Notices It? I Can’t Believe What He Does!

Internet is full of animal videos and to be honest I can’t complain. I love to see all types of animal videos, and as a cat lover I love cat videos the most. This video below features a black cat who knows exactly what to do when his human baby starts crying. And what this cat does isn’t just adorable but is shocking as well!

Hold your heart because this cute kitty cat is going to steal it away! No one in the house knew what this kitty was capable of doing, but mama witnessed it just in time. She brought her infant home and left her on the bed to sleep. But when the baby started crying, this kitty cat who was sitting right beside the baby the entire time did something really amazing!

Check out what this cat does to calm this crying baby. This might just leave your jaw wide open!

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