Little Cat Sneaks Into This Stable. But When A GIANT Horse Approaches Him? I LOST IT!

Unlikely friendship videos are all over the internet. It seems to be one of those videos which can make even the gloomiest day brighter. If you are a fan of unusual friendships between different animals like me, then this video below is one for you. You are going to smile from ear to ear after watching this video!

This clip is a short one. It features two unlikely friends, a horse and a cat caressing each other. It seems like this white cat has somehow sneaked inside this barn just to meet his favorite friend in the world, a horse. Inside the stable, this horse caresses and pets his new best friend. I couldn’t believe the video at first, but later I couldn’t get enough of the cuteness.

What about you? What do you think about this unlikely friendship? Let us know via comments!

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