Carol Burnett thought her husband was cheating on her, then he did this Carol Burnett thought he was cheating on her, Now keep your eyes on that telephone

Who wouldn’t know about The Carol Burnett Show? It has always been one of the most hilarious TV shows ever. Many people grew up watching this show and still today we find these sketches going viral all around the internet. This video below features one of these sketches which was broadcasted back in 1977. You will definitely feel nostalgic after watching this!

In the following clip, Carol Burnett possess as Martha, a hysterical woman who always doubts her husband, and Tom Conway as her husband. The clip starts with Carol and Tom sleeping when suddenly their telephone rings. It is almost 2:30 in the morning. Tom takes the call. It is actually a wrong number and the caller from another end hugs up without saying anything. It was all good and normal, until doubtful Carol says this to her husband.

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