Cat patiently waits outside after he rings the house bell – what a smart kitty!

Animals have proven their intelligence to us time and again. But this little cat in the video has taken smartness to a whole new level! This kitty is called Bruno and he just loves to go outside and explore. But when he returns back home, he has a great way of getting his owners open the door for him. You’re going to be baffled when you see what he does!

This smart cat rings the bell so that his owners know he is home! Have you ever seen any animal do something like that?! According to Bruno’s owner, he only does that when he is sure his owners are awake. So they don’t have to worry much about the bell going off in the middle of the night! What a clever thing this little guy is!

Watch Bruno in the video below! Can you believe it? Let us know your thoughts about this video in the comments!

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