3 Year Old Was Invited By Ellen. But What She Does On THIS Stage? This Is BEYOND Amazing!

Ellen DeGeneres show is very popular as it invites famous people and talented young children in its every episode. From the entertainment industry’s stars to the local stars, this show covers every one of them. This time, Ellen, the host of this show decided to invite one of the most talented 3 year old in the whole world. Her name is Brielle and what she can do will blow your mind.

According to her mom, it was only 6 months ago that she bought her little girl cards for the periodic table. And within this short period of time, Brielle has been able to memorize every one of them plus some of the extra fun facts about the elements. When asked, this little girl says that she also knows every states and capitals of her country, all the countries from Europe and Africa and also all the presidents. Whoa… that is just unbelievable!

This little girl is surely very talented. What do you think about her? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

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