Mom Catches Her Son Dancing In The Kitchen. When The Tiny Boy Does THIS Move? I Lost It! LOL!

What does it mean to be a kid? Among many things being silly has got to take the top spot. Its childhood were you willingly make a fool out of yourself in public just because. Well and one thing that kids love to do is dance, or at least try to dance. Sometimes the kid turns out to be extremely talented and our jaws drop to the floor. In other cases, they make us break down laughing. Either way it is a win-win situation if you look at it.

This video features an adorable little boy busting out his dance moves. His hilarious dance routine makes everyone witnessing it laugh out loud. But once the camera starts rolling he puts on his best performance yet. Ah! The attention. His parents and even his baby sibling can b heard laughing hysterically in the background. Clearly they enjoyed it.

Let us know if you enjoyed this kid’s moves as much as we did.

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