Black Pitbull Found in the Bushes. With Broken Leg and in Pain!

Dogs are man’s best friend as we say. But why some of us doesn’t care for them, doesn’t give them value that they deserve? They have feelings as well and need to be helped.

Yara is a black pit bull found in a ramp with lots of garbage. She was hiding, with pain and hunger that can be seen in her eyes. She has a broken leg and unable to walk properly. Rescuing her was a bit of a challenge because of trust issues but later she was able to follow and was sent to the animal hospital. Her leg was amputated because it was broken and crashed, but she was able to regain her strength. She was rehabilitated and trained well even if she has only 3 legs.

Let’s help Yara by sharing this video. Don’t forget to share your comments too. You might change a life for a better one.

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