Baby’s Heart Begins to Fail. Check Out the Miracle that Happens Next!

Babies are angels sent from above. However, sickness is a threat that sometimes miracle can heal. Kaidence’ story is so touching that even for a young age, she was able to fight and was able to show us that miracles do happen.

Kaidence got sick when she was small, her heart became weak and could not pump well, so she was sent to the hospital and the doctor’s advise is to perform a heart transplant. Since there are no donors yet, a device was put temporarily to pump her blood, however, after a few months, the left side of her heart was already affected. On the day that her heart needed to be transplanted, one donor called her parents and this heart was transplanted to her. Now, Kaidence is a healthy and jolly baby. This goes to show that if you really trust Him, miracles do happen!

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