Mama Says “I Love You”. Now Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Her Baby! Did You See THAT Coming?

Little children sure learn fast. They mostly learn from imitating adults. A child’s brain is often compared to a sponge, so we should always be careful when talking around or to our children. Take this little baby in the video below for example! What she does when mama says ‘I love you’ is going to leave you in hysterics!

In the video, we see this mommy cuddling in with her little toddler. She says ‘I love you’ to her little baby. How the baby responds? The baby says “I love you’ as well and leaves mommy smitten. Isn’t that precious? I definitely want to give a hug to this adorable little baby! I couldn’t get enough of the video as it was very short and kept on repeat to get this adorable reaction from the baby!

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