Tiny Puppy Heard “Let It Go” Playing On The Radio. So What He Does In Response? Cuteness Overload!

Disney is known for making amazing soundtracks for their movies. Almost every Disney fan must have memorized the main theme song from every movie by heart. One of the biggest hits in recent years is “Let It Go” from the movie “Frozen”. It has been obsessed over by fans, and even been covered by many artists as well.

Even the dog in the following video was totally in love with the song. Oakley the Australian Sheepdog was sleeping in the car. But as soon as he heard “Let It Go” playing in the car, he opened his eyes and looked really happy. After realizing that his favorite song was playing, he started singing along in the most adorable way! Look at how happy he seems while singing—your heart will melt after watching this performance!

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