6 Year Old Suffers From A Life-Threating Disease. But When She Starts To Dance? So Cute!

This video below features Audrey Nethery, a 6 year old little girl who suffers from Diamond Blackfan Anemia. This is a rare and life threating condition which has symptoms like exhaustion and weakness. But despite this deathly disease which affects her health greatly, this little girl dances in front of mass audiences in order to spread awareness about her disease to the world.

We first knew Audrey from her viral video of her dancing with her zumba teacher few months back. She touched millions of people’s heart through her incredible and energetic performance. This time she is touching wider audiences in this The Rachel Ray Show’s yearly Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Along with the back dancers, Audrey gives her best and performs this amazing dance routine to her parents proud.

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